International solidarity and international multi dimensional governance is needed because all security areas are connected to one another, therefore no country is able to provide itself with it's own security on it's without cooperating with other countries. Also, international governance needs to adopt the understanding of collective security and needs the institutionalised cooperation, consultation, solidarity, in other words, governance in every area of a group of countries. If all actors from individuals to NGOs, from states to international institutions don't perform a conscious participation, it will be impossible to create a meaningful security environment.

Under this framework; Turkey cooperating with other countries in multi dimensional security areas, carries great importance regarding the middle and long term benefits of both sides. In this regard, Turkey has opportunities of cooperation in areas such as; defence industry, military personnel training, and common operation power.

At the defence industry sector, which is regarded as the the base of security and defence politics, which develops as a part of the economy and which is an important centre for producing information; it is expected that a technological advantage that can possibly be provided, will also bring political and economic advantage as well. The defence industry which pulled down foreign dependence to the minimum level, and which uses it's resources in an optimum way; will be able to adopt a characteristic of being one of the most important source of assurance of a strong economy, peace, consistency and security.

It is foreseen that the World's defence expenditures will carry on decreasing in the USA and European countries, and slightly increasing in countries in problematic regions and also that the countries who increase their defence expenditures will slowly be able to increase their abilities with the technology that comes from the West. At this situation, an opportunity of developing a middle and long term cooperation area for Turkey to continue gaining genuine technology with other countries.

The military cooperation activities that took place and will take place between friendly and allied nations and Turkey, is highly important not only in terms of supporting defence industry cooperation activities, but is also for strengthening relations in general terms.

The National Defence and Security Institute; has been built in order to be positively influential in terms of; forming a public knowledge at the defence industry among Turkey and countries who Turkey will cooperate with, in order to smoothly manage the changing security parameters; carrying security works to the level required by global developments; and creating security themed networks between Turkey and other countries.