The project has been aiming to be highly beneficial on international cooperation to be formed at the areas of security and defence; the development of the base of the defence industry, decreasing foreign dependence, reaching a economy of scale, decreasing costs, sharing risks, providing a competitive advantage, entering targeted markets, reaching new technologies, creating executive synergy, increasing technological procedure and skill levels.

At this direction, the development of a balanced growth strategy with shareholders, and the development of regional/cultural cooperations is needed. It is aimed for the institute to adopt an important role in order to satisfy the needs at this area.

National Defence and Security Institute; periodic strategic reports will be prepared with countries who cooperate with Turkey and with candidate countries; providing support for research, evaluation, information, coordination, organisation, communication, reporting regarding action and events at formal level and within public diplomacy; more use will be received from opinions of defence and security experts; the institute will share emergency situation reports that will be created during crisis periods, with relevant authorities.